Who Can Play Therapy Help?


Play Therapy can be used as an effective intervention for problems such as:

Loss or bereavement

Family breakdown

Experience of trauma

Abuse or Neglect

Problems with Socialising

Children who are ill or disabled

Children who have been or are in the process of being fostered or adopted

So do you know a child who:

  • Is bedwetting or soiling?

  • Is experiencing disturbed sleep and having frequent nightmares?

  • Is not achieving their full potential within school?

  • Is displaying dysregulated behaviour such as physical aggression, excess movement (“hyperactivity”) and inability to focus attention?

  • Is appearing withdrawn or to have “shut down”?

  • Is exhibiting frequent fear and phobias, and has difficulty separating from parents and carers?

  • Is experiencing social difficulties and maintaining friendships?

  • Is showing high emotions such as frequent crying and seeming overly sensitive, complaining of feeling unwell often?

  • Showing angry outbursts and appearing to go from “0-100”?

These symptoms may be a child’s way of showing that something is not quite right, if you have concerns about a child showing any of these symptoms and wish to discuss whether therapy would be beneficial do get in touch via the contact form and we can set up a consultation.

Brighton, UK


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