What Happens Next?

If you feel that your child would benefit from the support a Play Therapist can offer, the next stage is to contact Pebble Play Therapy on 07756 043744 or email pebbleplay@outlook.com.

Some basic details will be taken to arrange an initial assessment and discussion with between the parent and therapist.

At this initial meeting we would:

Carry out an assessment which involves answering some simple questions with the therapist, and filling in a questionnaire about the child’s difficulties and relevant information relating to the child’s problems.

The therapist would then go through a contract with you to agree upon the objectives, location, payment of fees, policies at Pebble, the number and dates of sessions, and when we will have a review meeting. If possible at this meeting we would also meet with the child to explain to the child about play therapy, get to know each other and have them agree to sessions also.

Following on from this, weekly 1:1 sessions would commence with the child at the agreed time and place until the parent review, which would take place of child’s session that week, or until the agreed ending.


Brighton, UK


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